BYU Athletes: Four-Year All-Americans

There are only a handful of BYU athletes who have earned All-Americam accolades four years in the same sport. Below are the four-year All-American athletes, their years honored and some specific disciplines or events. Also included are notes on interrupted careers. The sports are listed in alphabetical order:

Women’s cross country

Elizabeth Jackson, 1996-1999

Women’s diving

Courtney Nelson, 1988-1991 — four years on 10-meter platform; additional honors on 3-meter board.

Vanessa Bergman Thelin, 1991-1994 — four years on 3-meter board; additional honors on 1-meter board.

Men’s golf

Ray Leach, 1969-1972

Mike Reid, 1973-1976

Mike Brannan, 1975-1978

Rick Fehr, 1981-1984

Andy Miller, 1997-2000

Men’s gymnastics

Darren Elg, 1990, 1993, 1995, 1996
INTERRUPTION: Elg served an LDS Church mission to Los Angeles from 1990 to 1992. He redshirted in 1994 because of a shoulder injury.

Women’s soccer

Aleisha Rose, 2000-2003

Men’s swimming

Arunas Savickas, 1998-2001 — individual backstroke and freestyle events

Women’s swimming

LeLei Fonoimoana, 1977-79, 81 — individual butterfly and individual-medley events
INTERRUPTION: Fonoimoana interrupted her collegiate career to train for the 1980 Summer Olympics but did not compete because of the U.S.-led boycott of the Moscow Games

K.C. Cline, 1988-91 — individual backstroke and medley relay events

Men’s track and field

Tito Steiner, 1977-1979, 81 — decathlon
INTERRUPTION: He returned to his native Argentina to train for the 1980 Moscow Summer Games.

Doug Padilla, 1978-1981 — individual and relay distance events

Oluyemi Kayode, 1990-1993 — individual and relay sprint events

Jeff Hansen, 1999-2002 – pole vault

Women’s track and field

Maria Betioli Zanandrea, 1979-82 — four years in the outdoors high jump; additional honors in indoors high jump.

Tiffany Lott – 1994-95, 97-98 — four years in the outdoors heptathlon; additional honors in indoors heptathlon, indoors and outdoors hurdles and outdoors javalin.
INTERRUPTION: After redshirting the indoor season in 1996 to prepare for the Olympic-year outdoor season, Lott-Hogan suffered a severe knee injury her first week and missed the entire outdoors competition.

Amy Christiansen Palmer, 1994-1996, 1998 — four years in the outdoors shot put; additional honors in indoors shot put, indoors 20- pound weight and outdoors hammer.
INTERRUPTION: She redshirted in 1997 due to her coach’s decision.

Men’s volleyball

Ethan Watts, 1991-1994

Ryan Millar, 1996-1999

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